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CSS Speakers

Please note that both CSS and Mark Audio have recently licenced Martin Kings's MathCAD speaker design software which is used in or has influenced some of the designs listed here.  These designs are intended for personal use and users who are considering commercial designs should contact Martin at his website Quarter Wave.


Specification Sheet  Ported Construction Guide  Henkjan Desktop TL   Dr Griffin's Offset Bipole (1) Dr Griffin (2)

MAR-Kel70 mMar-Kel70 Lake District Designs Wessex ML-TL Bipole Metronome

MicroTower Cabinet Designs   Dual Driver ML-TL  ML-Voigt ML-TL


Specification Sheet  Quartet10 Subwoofer Kit


Specification Sheet Quartet12B Subwoofer Kit Quartet12H Subwoofer Kit (temporarily use the 12B document which is correct except for the amp cutout)

Trio12-TL Trio12-BIB

APR Passive Radiators

Specification Sheet

DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033C Sub Equalizer

Brochure  Manual  British Review

DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033S Sub Equalizer


Mark Audio Speakers


Specification Sheet Pensil Design Lotus Design Till Double mMarS Big ML-TL

Alpair 10

Specification Sheet Dr Griffin's MLTL Design MarKen10 English Auto Series (Includes designs for CHR70, Alpair 6 and Alpair10)

Alpair 6 (Circular)

Specification Sheet Dr Griffin's MLTL Design Morgan MBVR mMar-Ken6

Alpair 7

Specification Sheet

Alpair 12

Specification Sheet