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U.S. customers: Please note that your order will ship from a U.S. address!

Special Announcement

CSS is shutting down, I have health issues, have moved and am clearing inventory.

Please email or call if you have specific interests.


As we sell out of some products we will NOT likely be reordering.

We have some stock of the following amps, selling price for Canadians will be determined by shipping cost so please email:








Yung SD300

Yung SD500-6


LD22F tweeters also reduced.


Moving Sale!!

We'd rather sell stuff than move it so please contact us for special pricing on anything of interest.

We are also selling off various prototype finished and unfinshed speakers.  Please email for details.

We also have the following:

1 Pair WR30 basic with 2 WR125STR, OEM Wavecor tweeter in .50 cu ft piano black curved cabinets.

1 Pair WR30 Ultra with 2 WR125STR, Wavecore tweeter, Obbligato caps, Dueland resistors, .50 cu ft piano black cabinets. 

1 Pair V1 with VWR126X, LD22C in .25 cu ft rectangular cherry cabinets

1 Pair Criton 2TR, LDW7 and RT2 ribbons. .75 cu ft cabinets